Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free-Day Friday! : Black rooms

Lately, my dad and I have been thinking of colours to paint the apartment. My dad would really prefer to stick to the plain beige that comes in every apartment, but I've been trying to talk him into as darker, more sophisticated colour. We've been looking towards dark browns, navys, rich reds and i'm talking him into dark greys and blacks. People automatically think goth, or cold and unwelcoming when they see the colour black on walls. Black, being one of my favourite colours gives the room depth and the sense of clean and simple. Another thing I love about black is how it goes well with everything!

There are tons of ways to make a black room warm and cool. It all depends on what type of flooring you have, and the colour and texture of it. It also depends on the colour of the couches, bed linens, or accessories. If you use awrm rich woods with black it won't look cold and all and would actually be very welcoming! I'm just getting one step closer to convincing my dad to opt the colour black.

GT House by Studio Guilherme Torres – Kitchen with black walls – Home Design Interior


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  1. Just make sure there's lots of windows/mirrors in your space before you go crazy with the black! And remember dark colours are really hard to change if you change your mind... If you don't like the black you'll have to do a few coats of primer before you paint it a new colour.